söndag 29 januari 2017

FoodCHI workshop position paper

I just submitted a position paper to a workshop at the upcoming (May 2017) CHI conference, "Designing Sustainable Food Systems" - also known as FoodCHI. Here's the short description of the workshop:

"The FoodCHI workshop will ... discuss ... how we can create sustainable food systems, and how we may design technologies for a sustainable food system. There are three goals for this workshop:

- Exploring the roles and implications of information technologies on and in a sustainable food system.
- Designing techniques and adapting design paradigms to specific components of a sustainable food system.
- Reflecting on the landscape of design work and core opportunities for design within a sustainable food system."

The (really really short) position paper we submitted was written by me, master's student Sofie Nyström and my colleague Cecilia Katzeff and the title of the paper is "Waste reduction in the Sustainable Grocery Store". The position paper builds on Sofie's upcoming master's thesis that she will work on during this coming term, but she is already a seasoned researcher who has worked in other research projects with similar themes at The Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (now called RISE Interactive).

The paper builds on our research project "Sustainable Practices and Data: Opportunities for Change" (SPOC) about sustainability, food, lifestyles, behavior/practices (social practice theory), ICT and (critical) design. Despite the fact that I have worked in this project for more than two years by now, I haven't actually written a blog post about it yet on the blog. Here's the super short presentation of (parts of) the project from the position paper:

"The SPOC project is housed at the Center for Sustainable Communications at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The most active project partners are the City of Stockholm and one of the largest grocery chains in Sweden with stores all around the country. The project focuses on the parts of the food chain that concerns the store, the household and waste (from stores and households). In this position paper we focus on the grocery store and more specifically on the challenge of reducing waste in/from the store. The paper is based on ongoing work in the part of the larger project that works with the concept “The sustainable store”."

As it so happens, I know almost all the organizers of the workshop and I would extremely surprised if our submission was not accepted to the workshop.

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