This page will for now be used just to take down notes about activities that could be edited and added to my CV at a later point. I filter out stuff that I don't think is important enough (some guest lectures etc.). The page hasn't really been updated for a while. I should do that Real Soon Now.

January 2017: I haven't updated this page for a long while and probably won't give it a very high priority from now on either. If something happens that is important enough, I instead write a blog post about it. The blog itself to some extent is my CV. When I need a bounded (X pages long) version of my CV, I take the latest version I have and then harvest through recent blog posts and update it.

Since the blog currently has 450 blog posts, I instead suggest you have a look at my research profile/interests, academic texts I have written and courses I teach.


- Program Committee member (reviewing papers) for the CSCW 2015 conference (June)

- Accepted to become one of six KTH teacher representatives in The KTH Sustainability Council (KTH-S) from the 2014 autumn term. KTH-S "is an advisory body to the [KTH] President". For more info, see this blog post.

- Program Committee member (reviewing papers) for the NordiCHI 2014 conference (May)

- Program Committee member (reviewing papers) for the UbiComp 2014 conference (March)

- Program Committee member (reviewing papers) for the ICT4S conference (February)

- Visiting researcher at University of California, Irvine in the Social Code Group and the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction (January - July)


- Member of the Scientific Board of The Journal of Print and Media Technology Research (December).


- Accepted to become a member of the steering group for the VINN Excellence Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC) at KTH (August)

- Accepted to become "team leader" for the Media Technology and Interaction Design research group on sustainability (MID for Sustainability - MID4S) (August).


- Became co-advisor for Pernilla Josefsson who is writing a ph.d. thesis about social media and learning (November).

- Became co-advisor for Björn Hedin who ought to finish his ph.d. thesis (code name "Opportunistic mobile learning - a(n ir)ration choice?") as soon as possible (October).

- Reviewer for "The Internet and Higher Education", special issue on "Designing Nordic TEL" (TEL = Technology Enhanced Learning) (June).

- Reviewer for the DiGRA 2011 conference (May).

- Invited to give a lunch seminar in the student-led project "The reflective engineer" (April).

- One of two external reviewers of applications to a position as "lecturer in digital media" (universitetsadjunkt i digitala medier) at Bleking Tekniska Högskola (BTH) (December-January 2010/2011).

- Accepted to part of the reference group for the upstarting research project on "Data driven sustainability" (November).

- Accepted to be a member of the editorial advisory board of Springer's new book series on "virtual worlds" (November).

- Invited to give a seminar at the Dept. of Political Science on the topic of "Online networks vs online communities" in the seminar series "Digital media and collective action" (November 25).

- Invited speaker at the Vetenskapens hus [House of Science] event "Jordklokt". An event about the climate and the environment for high school students and their teachers (November 16).

- Accepted to be coordinator of the new "thematic area" on the topic of "Media Technology and Sustainability" at our department (one of several areas that will start up during the coming year) (October).

- Extern reviewer of bachelors' theses (C-uppsatser) in media technology at Södertörns högskola (summer).

- Member of the program committee for the Nordic DiGRA conference. Papers presented can be found here (May).


- CSC (School of Computer Science and Communication) representative in the cross-disciplinary, cross-department, cross-school KTH "Energy platform".