Update February 2018

My main teaching commitments for the academic year 2017/2018 are still #1 (DM2571 Future of Media) and #2 (DM2573 Sustainability and Media Technology) below. I have also been involved in DM2678 "Master's level Program Integrating Course" and  the new project course DM2799 "Advanced Project Course in Media Technology". I will not teach at all during the 2018 spring term as I am currently on a six-month sabbatical. I instead mainly work on writing academic papers, writing research grant applications and writing on a book manuscript.

It is worth mentioning that the course Future of Media was given for the very last time during  September-December 2017 (theme "Future of Work/Work of the Future", see further this, this and this blog post). Our master's program has changed and that particular project course has been replaced by the new project course DM2799 (see above as well as this and this blog post).

Update October 2016

This page is obviously hugely un-updated and there is no info at all here about the academic years 12/13, 13/14, 14/15 and 15/16. That should however matter less as I have just (Oct 2016) updated it with info about the courses I teach during the current (2016/2017) academic year.


Courses I am/will teach during the academic year 2016/2017 (written in the beginning of October) in some sort of order of importance (e.g. share of my time).

1) I am responsible (together with Malin Picha) for the master's level project course Future of Media (DM2571). The course runs throughout the autumn term. This course is my single biggest committment and it's very much my course since I've been teaching it every year but twice (sabbatical, parental leave) and it is this time around given for the 14the (and perhaps last) time. This year's theme is (for the first time ever) a theme we have already worked with in the course (10 years ago), namely "The Future of Computer Games/Computer Games of the Future". There will be a final presentation (a public event) on December 16.

2) I am responsible (together with Elina Eriksson) for the master's level course Sustainability and Media Technology (DM2573). The course will be given during the second half of the autumn term and is this year given for the 5th time. I don't expect any major changes except for one; we will invent a new seminar task and follow up on students performance and opinions about it for a research project. 

3) I am responsible (together with Elina Eriksson) for a brand new master's level course, Sustainable ICT in practice (DM2720), that will be given during the first half of the spring 2017 term. This course is part of our new master's level specialisation in ICT (and HCI and Media Technology) and Sustainability ("Sustainable Information Society") but can perhaps be seen as a "sneak preview" of the larger specialisation that will start the next academic year (2017/2018).

4) I am also responsible (together with Elina Eriksson) for teaching a Ph.D. courseICT and Sustainability, during the 2016 autumn term - it started in August and will end in January. Eight ph.d. students are currently taking the course.

5) I will also have various roles in our upcoming (spring 2017) Bachelor's and Master's theses courses. I will most probably give a couple of lectures, I will most probably be the examiner of 4-10 bachelor's theses in the beginning of June and I will most probably be the advisor of a group of students writing their master's theses during the spring term.

6) I was also supposed to be one out of a handful of tutors in our new Master's level program-integrating course (DM2678). I want to so as to keep an ear to the ground - taking into account that the vast majority of my teaching happens at the master's level. Also I was supposed to teach in that course according to the Director of Studies, but it seems the people who are responsible for the course might have "forgotten" so the status of my possible involvement in that course is currently unclear.


Courses taught during the academic year 2011/2012 in (subjective) order of importance.

1) I was responsible for the masters level project course Future of Media during the whole autumn term. It was given for the 9th time (I've been responsible for it seven times) and this year's theme was Future of Radio/Radio of the Future. All 11 final project presentations were given in December and the book we printed ("Radio of the Future") was ready one week later (pdf file here). Biggest changes since last year: 1) the course has been moved to the autumn term, 2) there are international students taking the course now so the language has been changed to English and 3) we will archive all the materials (videos, texts etc.) and make them available on the web.

2) I was responsible for giving the course Social Media Technologies. The course was given (during the second half of the autumn) for the third time and I have been responsible for it since its inception. Biggest changes since last year: 1) I had a course assistant who took care of two out of four seminar groups, 2) we didn't have a final exam (home exam) this year, 3) writing three blog posts each about social media was (a small) part of this year's examination 4) we found money to print the posters that were the result of the group assignment/smaller project task and 5) Benkler has to go - the course literature/book is "old" (2006), written in a cumbersome manner and demotivating for the students to read (even if it raises good points).

3) I was responsible for giving the course Program-integrating course. After another teacher took over the course for two years and changed it quite some, this is my second year after taking it back. This year's theme is "procrastination" and the choice of the theme is much appreciated by both teachers and students. Biggest changes since last year: 1) Better and more worked-through theme (planned together with another teacher), 2) Better (administrative) structure for handling all the students who don't do what they are supposed to do in time.  

4) I also advice students writing their Masters/Bachelor thesis. Spring is bachelor thesis season, masters theses can be written all year round. I have a separate blog with thesis topics that interests me.