tisdag 3 juni 2014

KTH Sustainability Council (KTH-S)

I've been offered a position as one of the six teacher representatives in the KTH Sustainability Council (KTH-S). Here's the long and the short of what KTH-S is about:

"In 2011 the KTH Sustainability Council (KTH-S) was founded in order to work on the environment and sustainable development of KTH’s research, education and collaboration. KTH-S is an advisory body to the President and prepare matters for the Faculty Council. It is headed by Vice President for Sustainable Development and consists of teacher and student representatives, and the KTH Environmental Manager."

After considering the offer, I have accepted and will be called to my first meeting with KTH-S sometime after the summer. I regard a position in the council as a good way to make connections and better understand how KTH works, but I have also declared that my intention is to stay in the council for two years (but no longer). I assume I'm the first teacher representative in KTH-S who represents the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC), so me being a teacher representative also represents a good opportunity for my school (and my department) to become more involved in issues pertaining to campus-wide and overarching issues relating to sustainability at my university.

KTH's overarching objective is to be one of Europe's leading technical universities within the area of environment and sustainable development. The overarching purpose of the KTH Sustainability Council is to contribute to that objective.

Part of what KTH-S does is to (sometimes recurrently) organise KTH Sustainability DayKTH Sustainability Research DayKTH Sustainability Education Day, AIM day events as well as KTH Sustainability (lunch) seminars - for example the upcoming August 28 seminar with my acquaintance (and perhaps-soon-to-be collaborator) Samuel Mann.

At present I have relatively hazy ideas of what my position as a teacher representative demands in terms of time and effort. I tried to find out before I accepted but that didn't turn out to be so easy (not the least since I'm on a sabbatical at the moment). I now notice I know a few persons who are part of the 14 person strong council, but I for some reason didn't think of asking them before I accepted... I thus still don't know how often KTH-S meets or what my responsibilities more specifically will be. I would say that the basis of my contribution to KTH-S (at present) would primarily take as its starting point my:
- research on ICT and sustainability
- involvement in education about (ICT and) sustainability. I've written about all three of these topics repeatedly on the blog.
- leading the MID for Sustainability (MID4S) team at my department and

On KTH's (comparatively limited English-language) webpages about Environment and Sustainable Development, it's possible to find information about:
- KTH's Environmental Policy
- KTH's commitment to Education in environment and sustainable development
- KTH's Research for environment and sustainable development

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