söndag 27 oktober 2013

CESC advisory board visit

I'm a member of the management team at the Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC). This past week, the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) visited KTH to evaluate and advice CESC as to how well the center fulfills its goals - and how suitable the stated goals actually are.

The ISAB visit claimed one whole day as I partook in all activities (including a dinner the day before). The international members of the advisory board are all distinguished/well-connected academics:
- Susan Owens is a professor of geography and policy, head of the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the British Academy.
- Marko Turpeinen is the director of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) ICT Labs Helsinki node. He was a professor at my department, Media Technology, until he too the job at EIT. He has also been principal scientist at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT).
- Frans Berkhout is a professor of Environment, Society and Climate at the Department of Geography, King's College, London and Interim Director of the Future Earth programme.

While Susan and Marko were physically present in Stockholm, Frans participated through video conferencing for about half the day.

There was very little that was genuinely new to me, but I was provided with an update of what happens in the different CESC research projects and some other ongoing CESC projects. That might prove to be good - for example if I myself is ever going to present CESC.

When the wrap-up was spent discussing KPIs for 30 minutes, I took the opportunity to compose, well, if not poem, then at least a verse of sorts. I read it before we broke up and here's a slightly update version:

"ISAB has to help us to get the KPIs right
and emphasize the CESC USPs
in order for PIs and Ph.Ds
to synergistically leverage and maximize their personal brand values
so as to attain VIP status
in the emerging field of ICT4S"

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