måndag 7 november 2016

Blog Week/Blog Mania

I have a huge backlog of things to write about so I declare the upcoming week (starting today) my second Blog Week ever. The first blog week happened about the same time (October/November) three years ago. What "Blog Week" means is that I will post a new blog post every day for one whole week.

However, I have handed in no less than eight submissions that I have not yet had the opportunity to write about on the blog AND a lot of exciting bloggable events will happen during the upcoming week, so I have decided that I will basically blog at a "heavily accelerated pace" - writing a new blog post every or every second day - until I have caught up. So this might formally not be the beginning of "Blog Week" as much as it will be "Blog Mania" for the next two weeks or so...

The main reason for this massive backlog is the fact that I handed in no less than six submissions (e.g. 300-word abstracts of planned papers) to the upcoming conference "Energy for Society: 1st International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science". I think it's an exciting conference and I really want to go to it since it is held just outside Barcelona where I plan to spend quite some time in 2018. Attending that conference in April would also be the perfect opportunity to reknit my contacts with the two universities I have visited in Barcelona; UAB and UPC.

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