onsdag 12 oktober 2016

On the next month's worth of projects and blog posts

This blog post is written during a lull in my activities; a lot is happening right now but nothing has come to fruition during the very last few days so I will do something I have never done before and that is to write a little about the current tasks I perform on my job (my work load), about upcoming deadlines and about upcoming blog posts (the latter two go together). This blog post will also be a blueprint for me during the following month as I will also outline what I will publish during the next 30 days (from Sunday October 16 to Sunday November 13).

I will below write as if I know the exact date when blog posts will be published, but the text below should be regarded as my (current) plan rather than as an explicit promise. If I write two blog posts per week (usually Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday), I would publish blog posts #1 to #9 during the period in question (October 16 - November 13).

- I haven't yet written anything about the course I have been teaching that started on August 30, Future of Media. I will write one blog post this coming Sunday (#1) about the line-up of guest lecturers we have had drop by by since the end of August. I will also write a blog post one week later (#3) about the 11 different project groups and the 11 different themes they will work on during the rest of the term. I might write a blog post (#8) about the mid-crit event in the course on Nov 8.

- Next week I will attend the KTH Sustainability Research Day and plan to write a blog post about it (#2).

- I will go to the NordiCHI conference between Oct 25 and 27 and will write a blog post about it (#5) as well as another blog post (#4) about the pre-conference sustainability workshop I organise together with a bunch of other persons.

- I will go to Barcelona for the better part of my kids' autumn break (week 44) and I plan to write at least one blog post (#7) about it and about my upcoming visits to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB) and the Technical University of Barcelona (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech, UPC).

These are the concrete events I can see coming up. They all have a duration in space and time (and they occupy slots in my calendar), but I also have a number of deadlines coming up during that very same period:

- I have an important deadline (first draft of an article - the final draft is to be handed in in February), but I don't plan to write a blog post about the submission of the draft article.

- I have a deadline for handing in my application to become a "docent" at the end of the month after having postponed it for two months in a row and after having postponed it for five or more years in a row. I might write a blog post about it or I might wait until it has been "processed" and I know more about the outcome.

- I will review five CHI papers before November 2 and I might write a blog post about it.

- We will organise an event in the beginning of November for companies that work with Sustainability and ICT/digitalisation. "We" here means KTH/CESC and the purpose of the event is to help companies suggest and create (master's) thesis topics for our students and then help match companies and students with each other.  I will definitely write a blog post about it!

- I have a October 21 deadline for a one or two submissions to an upcoming workshop on Uselessness and will write one (or two) blog post(s) about my submissions there.

- I have an October 30 deadline for a submission to the academic track of the 75th world Science Fiction conference and I will definitely write a blog post about it.

- I just (earlier this week) found out about the upcoming (April 2017) conference "Energy for Society: 1st international conference on Energy Research & Social Science" and will for sure submit something or possibly several different papers (abstracts) to that conference for the upcoming November 4 deadline.

- I have a November 6 deadline for a (very) short paper to the 9th [Swedish] Pedagogical Inspiration Conference and I might write a blog post about it.

- I work in two different research projects, SPOC and STEM, and have just started up writing projects in both where I am (or might become) the first author. I should write something about these projects and especially about SPOC since I notice incredulously that I haven't written about at all - ever - on the blog. My production pipeline is on the other hand more than full for the next month so it might have to wait.

- I teach a ph.d. course on ICT and Sustainability but don't plan to write a blog post about it until later (perhaps when the course ends in January).

- Also my next course (about Media Technology and Sustainability) starts on October 31 but I don't plan to write a blog post about it. Or it could be that I'll write a blog post (#6) about it, we'll see.

All in all I have a lot of things to write about on the blog during the coming month and it might be the case that I will have to temporarily step up the pace and publish three blog post per week so as to not generate a huge backlog. There are also other blog posts that will have to stand back during this period, most notably my series of blog posts about "Books I've read lately" where I recently wrote about books I read back in December last year...

One final note is that these are the projects that for the most part become visible through the blog during the next 30 days. There are of course a lot of other things going on "behind the scene" that will only come to fruition (through blog posts) two, three or six months from now so stay tuned...

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