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How to get in touch with me during the spring

I will be on a sabbatical all spring. Me and my family will go to Irvine in California where both me and my wife will be visiting scholars at the University of California, Irvine. I wrote a blog post about it in the beginning of November. Irvine is near Los Angeles (also the same time zone as Seattle).

(For all potential thieves and thugs who lurk on the Internet: we have rented out our apartment and another family will live there - please refrain from breaking in and trying to steal our TV or their underwear ;-)

This blog post is really mostly a "service text". I will refer colleagues and others I collaborate with to this text for some basic info about how to get in touch with me during the spring. I will update this blog post in the end of January when I know more about my/our US habits and routines.

To get hold of me from now on and until the summer, you can:
- Send an email to my usual KTH address. I will read my mail regularly.
- Set up a Skype meeting. If you're not already in my Skype contact list, please send me an email in advance (or send me your Skype handle directly).
- I will get a cell phone in the US, but calling it is probably going to be very expensive and only interesting if you plan to visit us!

There is a 9-hour difference in time zones between Sweden and Irvine/the US west coast. There are two possible choices for when to schedule a Skype meeting:

1) I could possibly have meetings at 06.00-10.00 Swedish time. That's 21.00 - 01.00 in Irvine and that could be ok since I tend to have late evening habits.

2) I could possibly have meetings that start 15.00 Swedish time at the earliest. That's 06.00 in Irvine which means I would have to get up extra early and can't take part in the family morning routines that day. I would thus prefer to schedule meetings for slightly later and best for me would be sometime in the morning or mid-day, i.e. early, mid or late evening in Sweden. Morning (10.00) in Irvine is 19.00 in Sweden.

I will be on vacation in South America from mid-December to mid-January and will arrive to the US on January 17. In fact, as this blog post is published, our plane has just left Arlanda and we won't be back in Sweden until the middle of July next year!

I presume we will be pretty busy during the second half of January just setting up shop, acquiring cell phones and Internet etc. I will probably answer e-mail pretty promptly in December and January, but don't expect me to contribute with any serious work effort until February. It miiight happen before that, but please don't assume it will! Again, I will update this particular blog post when I know more (in January/February), so do check back later to learn more about the ins and outs of getting hold of me.

As to what projects I expect (hope) to work with during the spring, check out this Google document. Anyone who has that link can hava a look the document as well as leave comments in the document.

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