måndag 4 november 2013

Blog week accomplished

I set a goal for myself a week ago and that was to write a blog post every day of the week this past week. Last week was my first-ever "blog week".

There were a couple of reasons for this decision of mine:
- There are so many things I have done lately, but doing all those things have also precluded me from being able to take the time to write about them.
- I didn't want to push them forward and probably eventually not write about the majority of these things.
- After a seriously heavy period of teaching, it looked like last week was pretty empty in my calendar.

I have indeed accomplished this goal and I have published a new blog post every day during the previous week. The October blog count (13 blog posts written) will probably not be surpassed for a very long time.

The lack of meetings in my calendar has unfortunately not been matched by the opportunity to decrease the pace at work. All the things that have been put aside for a month has become urgent and so I have had to write more or less every blog post late at night. That is unfortunate and it has been a little stressful. I will for sure think twice before I promise to pull off another "blog week" but I'm happy to have done it. Should I do another blog week, it would probably be a great idea to already have begun a couple of blog posts beforehand or even to have a few finished blog posts waiting in line to decrease the pressure some...

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