torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Program-integrating course

For the last two years I have been responsible for the program-integrating course that all (200+) students in our engineering program study for three years (at a leisurely 1/25 pace). I did a course analysis of sorts last year and I guess I should this year too but I just haven't had time (and I don't have the time right now either).

The course is really good in many ways, but the administration is killing me. So I'm very happy to hand back the responsibility for the course to my colleague Björn Hedin. He was responsible for the course for two years before me - but I was again responsible for the course before him (we are playing "tag team" with the course...).

I have now, finally, formulated and handed out a task that students have to complete if the missed too many activities in the course during the previous academic year. The students are to read a hefty bunch of texts on "schooling", "higher education" and "intelligence", and then write a personal essay based on the texts and based on their experiences. As inspiration for their essays, I have made essays from a previous theme available to them. At that time (2005), all students wrote essays in the course. Me and my colleague Per-Anders chose 25 essays that we liked a lot and even commented each essay and put them together in a pdf file. I don't think that file was spread around too much, which is a shame as the students' short [Swedish-language] essays on the theme "entertainment" were (and are!) definitely worth reading. So I have now made them available on the web and you can find them here (pdf file). Download the file, have a look at the titles and pick a few that you think sound interesting. I can pretty much guarantee you won't be disappointed!

The only thing that now remains for me to do in the course is to read through the completed tasks as they are handed in, and in general to "mop up" and sort through and file all the (unsorted) papers that have accumulated during the last two years.

This is yet another "light at the end of the tunnel" I can now see.

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