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Future of Media 2012 line-up

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the great guests and lectures in my course DM2571 "Future of Media". We change the theme every year and this year's theme is "The Future of Magazines / Magazines of the Future".

I don't know why I haven't thought about doing this before. I actually think this is such a good idea that I just created and "retroactively" published (backdated) two new blog posts listing the 2011 and the 2010 line-up of guest lecturers:
- Future of Media 2011 line-up - The Future of Radio / Radio of the Future
- Future of Media 2010 line-up - The Future of Music / Music of the Future

Below is the 2012 line-up of our (no less than 19!) great guests lectures. A dozen different project groups will present their visions of the future in the form of a larger (200+ persons) public presentation (welcome!) between 13-16 on Friday December 7, 2012 (place to be announced later, documentation will later (Dec-Jan) be made available here).

Peter Jakobsson, Ph.D., Media and Communication, Södertörn University, "The end of the industrial information economy?"

Anders Malmsten, (on Twitter) CEO, Bonnier International Magazines, "Digital and global magazines will change the future for magazine publishers"

Sara Gabrielsson, KTH M.Sc. Media Technology student and ex-editor in chief of the KTH student magazine Osqledaren, "Working with a non-market, non-profit magazine"

Pontus Jeppsson, (on Twitter) Head of Mobile (business and product development of mobile services) at IDG Sweden, "New mindset, new business model"

Scott Ritcher, (on Twitter) fanzine publisher and editor of K Composite Magazine, "Storytelling"

Olle Lidbom, (on Twitter) Independent media analyst, editor of the weekly newsletter "Vassa eggen" [Sharp edge] covering international media trends, "The hunt for old and new revenues"

Ulrika Facht, (on Twitter) Media research specialist at Nordicom, Gothenburg University, "Reading magazines and periodicals and media use in general"

Kerstin Neld, (on Twitter) CEO of Sveriges Tidskrifter (The Swedish Magazine Publishers Association - on Twitter), "The market and challenges for Swedish magazines today"

Anna Troberg, (on Twitter) leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, author and former publisher manager, "What is free?"

Kristina Sabelström Möller, Ph.D., M.Sc., Senior Project Manager Business Development at the evening newspaper Expressen AB, "Stunning technology is not enough - there's more to the Future of Magazines"

Daniel Pargman, Ph.D., KTH/CSC/MID, "Beyond scarcity and abundance"

Anna Swartling, Ph.D., Usability architect at Scania CV AB, "Project TEAM work"

Åsa Moberg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Environmental Strategies Research focusing on Sustainable Communication in MediaMohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei, Ph.D. student in Environmental Strategies Research, "Future magazines - environmental impacts?"

Hans Althin, Business Development Director and member of the management team at Aller Media AB, "Learn from the past when building for the future"

Johanna Ögren, (on Twitter) ex-marketing and business development management consultant, blogger and magazine entrepreneur, "Who is a publisher in the digital future?"

- Milad Hossainzadeh, Ba(h), Dip.M.Arch., White Architects, "Thinking inside the box from outside!"

- Pia Skagermark, Foreign Editor at Dagens Nyheter, editor of DN Världen, "Swimming against the tide? Glossy magazines in a digital world"

- Magnus Gylje, (on Twitter) Editor of K magazine Svenska Dagbladet, ex-editor of SvD Insikt, "Visual journalism in digital age"

We unfortunately had two guests cancel their lectures, and there was also one more person I really would have wanted to come, but alas, in the end it turned out to be too difficult to get her to visit us. I can't even hope we'll have better luck next year since the course will have another theme next year...

During the previous month, I have written a number of texts on this blog that relates to the this year's Future of Media course:
- New term, new courses
- How should student project groups be put together?
- Children's (magazine) reading habits
- Student project groups - ambitions and grades

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