lördag 5 november 2011

Heavy workload

I have, and have had a heavy workload for a couple of weeks. That means I have more topics than every to write about here, but ironically, I have little time to write those blog posts.

My new course on Social Media Technologies started 10 days ago and there are quite a few topics I could write about; 1) last year's course evaluation and the changes I've made (and the reasoning behind those changes), 2) this year's Pecha Kucha student presentations, 3) this year's Rich Pictures exercise, 4) the use of, and the thinking behind the course companion blog, 4) this year's guest lecturers. And probably some other topic too. I might write about some of them - later.

I did write about the theme of this year's program-integrating course - procrastination - a few weeks ago. I did meet my share of undergraduate students (4 groups with around 6 students per group) last week and could thus write about their procrastination habits (which are very diverse and really interesting).

There are also a couple of other noteworthy topics well worth writing about, but those that are important enough will be written up at some point or another. If I don't find the time to write about the the thinking behind, and the kick-off of the Rich Pictures exercise, I will for sure write about the results in December.

Because of lack of time, I only posted once last week and will only post once this week (this blog post doesn't count). I try to make sure I follow my own rule of posting at least once, but no more than twice per week.

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