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Follow-up (autumn 2014)

Ongoing or long-term projects often generate follow-up blog posts. A submission to a conference will often generate a blog post about that conference (some months later). A research project will generate a new blog perhaps three or six or nine months later. Some "projects" (blog posts) don't generate follow-up blog posts even thought they "should". A blog post about an article that was submitted but that was rejected will most often not generate a follow-up blog posts, so, every six months I go back and look for "loose ends" to follow up and tie together.

In these follow-up blog posts, I don't follow up everything that has happened, but only create closure for those projects and blog posts that can come to an end by writing a short blurb about them.

I here primarily look at things that has happened during the autumn (July - Dec) but have also started to go back a full year to see if there are any loose ends that I can tie up.

Spring 2014
My near-death Airbnb experience from January is after less than a year on the blog already the third most read blog post I have ever written - and readers continue to drop in. My experience of Airbnb itself has changed a lot since then and I have used Airbnb on no less than 10 separate occasions during the rest of 2014.

I have a "lapsed" paper we were supposed to have written - Cheating and creative play in EVE Online - but it hasn't panned out. It turned out to be harder than expected to "convert" this master's thesis into an academic paper, not the least because I don't really keep up with reading academic stuff related to (computer) game studies any longer. It unfortunately doesn't feel like this (game-related) project is at the top of the list of things to do right now.

I have another "lapsed" paper, this time about The Global Dimension in Engineering Education. That project changed its project leader and lost speed. That together with me dropping that ball (having a very high work load at the beginning of the autumn term) meant that this project didn't really reach the finishing line - despite being 90% finished. A pity.

Our research grant application Crises-proofed lifestyles: Alternativ lifestyles as design material for services in a sustainable energy system was unfortunately rejected for the second time. The judgement was that "its relevance to energy was low" and that the project "did not fit within the area of the call". That's a bummer because this application is excellent and we would really really like to do this research project. Both me and my colleagues are very motivated to take this application further although we don't yet know when or where.

I wrote a blog post about Our CHI video and we submitted it just a week ago to the CHI video program. The video is 5 minutes long and it will at some point be published on YouTube but for now we will wait to see if it will be accepted to the CHI conference or not.

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