onsdag 7 november 2012

Future of Media.se

The students in my project course Future of Media have launched their new website, futureofmedia.se. The primary purpose of the website is to create interest in and distribute information about the final presentation - the public unveiling of the results of this half year-long project course. The presentation will be held on Dec 7 at 13-16 in lecture hall F1 and everyone is welcome!

The website looks great. This year's theme for the course is Future of Magazines / Magazines of the Future and there are currently 12 groups of students who are hard at work right now figuring out the what the future (or rather futures) look like:

- myShelf - The future of collecting
- The future of augmented reality and magazines (hybrid magazines)
- Digital contact lenses as a window for future magazine reading (hybrid magazines)
- Journalist rockstars - the future of journalism
- A magazine for several senses
- Audience of one
- Readly (Spotify for magazines)
- MAGnify (social recommendations)
- MagZone - turning stacks to riches (increasing the revenue from digital channels)
- MAGi - magazine intelligence (usability issues)

The students will present the work they have done this far this coming Friday when we will have our "mid-term critique" (mid-term review). Three invited guest critics will come and listen, ask, query, provide feedback, suggest and recommend. Beyond the 12 project groups, we have a 13th "executive groups" who basically "help me out" with different aspects of the course, like for example producing a digital and a physical book about the Future of Magazines, and "producing" the final presentation on Dec 7. A student in the executive group, Johan, set up the website futureofmedia.se

I think the results of this year's course will be at least as good, and possibly better than the results of any of the nine previous years/themes. I very much recommend that you attend the final presentation! We have booked KTH's largest lecture hall and as there is space for 500 persons, everyone is welcome! Please go to this webpage to sign up for the event. If you are a student and want to attend, please instead go to this webpage.

See you on December the 7th!

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