fredag 20 maj 2011

This year's media technology bachelor student theses

Our third-year students presented their bachelors theses this week. We strongly encourage our students to write these in pairs. I have been the advisor ("demon producer"?) of five students (three theses), and I have also been the examiner of 11 theses (where I read, provide feedback, judge and grade them).

The theses that I have "demon produced" during the spring (all written in Swedish) were called:

- "Carbon dioxide currency with individual carbon dioxide rations" [Koldioxidvaluta - med individuella koldioxidransoner].
This thesis is based on my suggested thesis topic "carbon dioxide currency" (in Swedish).

- "Starcraft: A spectator sport for a wider audience?" [Starcraft: En åskådarsport för bred publik?]
Can the popular computer game Starcraft 2 could become a "spectator sport" in Sweden?

- "The economy around professional e-sport players, with a focus on Counter-Strike"
Where does the money come from to support professional computer gamers? Who sponsors these professionals and why? What are the (economic) conditions of professional gamers?

The thesis that I examined were called:

- "Course evaluation system for students based on user generated content"
- "Live concerts, digitally through time and space"

Quite a few (more than half!) were related to social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, user-generated content).

The students should provide English-language titles but since they haven't handed in the final version, some haven't yet and I might thus retroactively alter some title above.

I will eventually link the list above to the final texts. We publish all student theses on the web nowadays but I don't know if that will happen before the summer (June) or after.

Almost all theses are written in Swedish. The quality of the the work (and everything that goes into it - the planning, the research question, the methods chosen, the investigation itself, the analysis and the flow of the actual text in the report itself) of course varies widely...

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