onsdag 7 augusti 2013

Article on social media in higher education

I wrote a blog post more than year ago about "Students' attitudes to social media in higher education". The academic article I discussed in that blog post is finally finished and it was submitted to an academic journal back in June. The title of the article is "The student, the private and the professional role: An exploratory study of student positioning and perception of social media use within higher education". Pernilla Josefsson is the first author and I'm the third (out of four) authors.

The article has been a long time coming and there has been much effort put into writing the article - it is Pernilla's first journal article and the the article has also been changed and reworked several times since we started to work on it. I for example notice that parts of what I wrote in the previous blog post concerning the article has now been changed. Anyway, the text has been sent away and so we lean back and wait for feedback - something that could unfortunately take months.

Here is the abstract:

Previous research has found that students perceive a distinct divide between educational and private use of social media. This study explored this divide more thoroughly, by focusing on master students’ positioning and perception of roles when using social media in the context of higher education. A mixed method study, comprising of analyses of home exams, interviews and surveys was conducted with students enrolled in a first year master’s course "Social media technologies" given at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Results obtained confirm previous research stating that students have developed xxx. This study gives a more detailed understanding of the divide between educational and private use of social media, while also identifying yet another type of use beyond education and private use: social media as a tool for professional, career-enhancing purposes. Implications of social media use in higher education are described through the analysis of these three roles: the student, the private and the professional role.

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