fredag 9 december 2011

Future of Media 2011 line-up

This is the line-up of the no less than 19 great guest lectures in my course DM2571 "Future of Media". The course has a new theme every year and the 2011 theme was "The Future of Radio / Radio of the Future":

- Nina Wormbs, associate professor at the Division of History of Science and Technology, KTH, "Radio history - cultural importance and technological dependence"

- Adam Davidson, International business and economics correspondent, radio host and producer on the public radio network NPR"The past and the future of public radio in the US"

- Kerstin Brunnberg, CEO for Swedish Radio (SR) from 2007-2009, "Shift happens still radio prevails!"

Charlie Gullström & Ori Merom, KTH School of Archtecture, "On design thinking and sketching as memory etching"

- Henrik OlinderMyndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB), "Kriskommunikation och när radion blir informationsbärare" [Crisis communication and when radio becomes an information carrier]

- Roger Wallis, professor emeritus at Media Technology, KTH, "The development of radio - past, present and future"

- Daniel Johansson, CEO of TrendMaze, "When everyone becomes a radio channel"

- Gunnar Bolin, kulturkorrespondent vid Sveriges Radio (SR), "Att bevaka all världens kultur" [To cover the whole world's culture]

- Michael Forsman, Ph.D. Media- and communication studies, Södertörn University, Stockholm, "With a local flavor? On "localness" and competition in Swedish radio of today and of tomorrow"

- Kerstin Morast, Head of licensing division, The Swedish Broadcasting Authority [Myndigheten för radio och TV], "Broadcasted radio - towards digitalization?"

- Nino Cirone, Director, Broadcast Research Ltd, "10 things you should know about audiences"

- Dr. Claire Wardle, Digital consultant (BBC College of Journalism), "Moving beyond broadcasting: Digital technologies and collaborative radio"

- Nancy Updike, Producer and reporter at the radio show "This American Life", "Radio is better than other media and I can prove it"

- Anna Swartling, Usability architect at Scania CV AB, "Project TEAM work"

- Simon Redican, Managing Director and Radio Advertising Bureau and Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radio Advertising Bureau, "Media and the mood of the nation"

- Lars Jonsson, Technical strategist at Swedish Radio (SR), "Digital radio - future trends"

- Fredrik Stiernstedt, Ph.D. candidate in Media and Communication Studies at Södertörn University, "The 'future of radio' as a discourse in radio production"

- Valerie Geller, President, Geller Media International Broadcast Consultants/Training, "Becoming a more powerful communicator"

No less than eleven different project groups presented their visions of the future in the form of a larger (200+ persons) public presentation on Friday December 9, 2011 (see the online documentation here and the book (pd file) here - each project group contributed with one chapter).

During the autumn 2011, I wrote a number of texts on this blog that related to the course:
- Architecture vs Media Technology smackdown

Here is the previous, Future of Media 2010 line-up - The Future of Music / Music of the Future.

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