söndag 5 februari 2012

Busy with RJ application

I'm busy busy busy at the moment, writing towards the Wednesday deadline for research applications to Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). While the 9600 character limit (i.e. just a few pages of text) can seem cushy, it might in fact be just the other way around - it is difficult to comprehensively outline a three-year long research project in just a few pages, non-withstanding the fact that you have to think through and plan a large part of the project just in order to be able to write (commit yourself to) something particular. Applications that make it through the first stage should be extended (32 000 characters) and re-submittet later. There is definitely room for improvement at RJ's webpage - how difficult should it be to find out the deadline for the second stage?

I'll get back next week (after the deadline) with a blog post that isn't about the application process, but rather about the application!

Added later: here are two blog posts about the RJ applications I wrote; "Cities of sharing" and "Networking through crises".


Do note that I have added two academic blogs that I read to the (short) list of related blogs that I recommend (below right). The first is my colleague Jorge Zapico's blog Sustainable Internet. My only complaint is that he writes erratically (only 10 blog posts during the last 12 months). He reads my blog and I know he will see this complaint (hi Jorge!).

The second is Mathias Klang's blog Sound & Fury. I found his blog through him reading this blog (I don't know how he found his way here). Recently I especially liked his blog post about "The Seven Deadly Sins of Academia" (Falsification, Plagiarism, Sabotage, Exaggeration, Procrastination, Territoriality, Techno-Adoration).

The third blog on my short list (as of earlier) is Jörgen Skågeby's blog Gifting Technologies. The blog was very active last spring, but only a single blog post has been published since then. Jörgen, I'm sure you've written, or read, or attended, or done something interesting since then!

Do you read any (academic) blog that would be relevant in this context and that you can recommend? Please comment below!

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