fredag 3 juni 2011

Program integrating course

We have this course in our program where all students (250+) meet once every quarter of the year in order to reflect upon and discuss the courses of the previous period. It is for the most part a really good course, but it runs over three years and managing the administrative backend of the course is indeed a hairy affair. Unfortunately it is my task to it as I have been responsible for the course this year.

I can be very details-oriented, so I manage, but it is quite boring and it takes a lot of time. To track down the students who did not perform and to force them to an extra task (which some of them object to) is not the most fun of things to do either. Sometimes I have to invoke detective skills to try to make sense of things that happened half a year ago or more. But someone has to do it.

I've now spent several days just summing up the results of four seminars during the past academic year, with hundreds of students, divided into 36 groups, led by 9 teachers, all of whom report to me. The quality of the documentation I get from the teachers vary and so errors do creep in and I then have to juggle students that are upset or angry. Sometimes the anger is justified (errors to happen) but oftentimes it is not.

Fortunately I'm (almost) finished now. Phew!

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