tisdag 12 april 2011

Climate change online

I have a (pretty ambitions) private blog/hobby that pertains to issues about sustainability, resource challenges, peak oil etc. and in that role, I participated in the third annual Environmental Blog Forum (Miljöbloggforum 2011) this past weekend (I've also participated in the previous two).

I would not write about it here if it were not for the fact that we this year, for the first time, were visited by a researcher who was studying us. More specifically, Jutta Haider is a senior lecturer ("lektor") in Library and Information Studies at the University of Lund in southern Sweden and her project Climate change online "investigates people's appropriation of social media to tell about their everyday life efforts to lead climate friendly lives".

True to the topic of her research, she has a project blog where it is possible to follow her project. The blog (and presumably the project) started during the autumn, and she switched from Swedish to English on the blog at the beginning of 2011.

I only had time to talk to her a little at the event itself, but it seems we have overlapping interests and I hope we will bump into each other some other time. Or, I might get in touch with her at some point in time if it seems to be justified.

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