lördag 25 september 2010

Engineering Education in Sustainable Development

I have been to the 5th International Conference on Engineering education in sustainable development (EESD'10 - "Learning for transformation") in Gothenburg (Sept 19-22).

The previous four conferences have all been held in Europe (Netherlands, Spain, France, Austria) and the next conference, two years from now, will be held in Kiev, Ukraine.

Truth be told, I didn't even know this conference existed a month before I went, and the only reason I went was because it was held in Sweden (near, relatively inexpensive) and KTH, as one of organizers, had "free tickets". I would not have guessed beforehand that there were enough people in different technical educations who tried to bring in sustainability thinking into their respective areas and who wrote papers about it. I even learned there was an International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. That could be useful. Also this journal, Learning, Media and Technology could be useful as venue for papers in this area.

I had a good time, met some interesting an nice people, went to all activities to learn as much as possible and I might try to write a paper for the next conference if I find a suitable subject to write about. Deadline is sometime in the beginning of 2012. The proceedings (on CD) is a great source to start with. I have pegged down quite a few papers as interesting and hope I will find the time to print out and read them!

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